Working with AKH on accredited CE as a Joint Provider

Working With Akh On Accredited Ce As A Joint Provider

What is my role as a Joint Provider?

AKH’s Joint Providership process is collaborative: Our JPs participate in accredited CE planning, implementation, and evaluation while we assure that all accreditation standards are met.

What accredited CE options do you offer Joint Providers? 

AKH is jointly accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, and the American Nurses Credentialing Center, to provide continuing education for the healthcare team. AKH also is accredited by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners as an approved provider of nurse practitioner continuing education. Numerous state board approvals allow us to offer state mandated activities and to report completions to CE Broker.

Are there content considerations I need to be aware of as a Joint Provider?

Yes. Accredited continuing education must:

  • Meet the needs of learners and bridge the performance gaps of the audiences it serves;
  • Be evidence-based and reflective of current practice;
  • Provide a balanced discussion of the products and disease management issues;
  • Meaningfully and fairly present treatment options; and
  • Be free of commercial bias and promotion.

AKH professionals work closely with Joint Providers to ensure that the accredited CE meets the needs of the target audience, achieves the stated objectives, and complies with accreditation requirements.

Do you help Joint Providers measure and publicize educational outcomes?

Yes! AKH offers outcomes services to our Joint Providers. Our experienced team can analyze participant participation, pre- and post-test performance and evaluation responses to document the impact of accredited CE. We also offer outcomes tracking and reporting services for grant supported activities.

Can you assist Joint Providers with securing grant funding?

AKH provides you with guidance on the process as well as how to create a compelling grant story that aligns educational gaps with the activity objectives, design, and desired outcomes. We also can assist with proposal submission. 

Is the CE accreditation process difficult?

No! AKH strives to make the CE accreditation process as simple, smooth and streamlined as possible.

AKH is a leading accredited provider of continuing education for healthcare professionals. Let’s talk about working together in Joint Providership.

Deborah C. Clark, Ph.D.
Sr. Director, Professional Development and Partnerships
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